The Adult Billiard Lounge.

iconic DESIGN. epic FUN.

Unapologetic Indulgence

Designer Pool Table Co. was founded upon the simple idea that no one should ever feel the need to apologize for indulging in the things that elevate their lives. We believe that living your best life is a virtue, not a sin, and our beautifully crafted tables and accessories are designed to honor that credo.

Designer Pool Table Co. isn’t “just another billiard company.” We’re a lifestyle … a one-of-a-kind boutique where you can build the leisure room of your dreams, either one piece at a time or in one fell swoop. Driven by a fierce artisanal spirit, we believe our value-driven standards of quality and craftsmanship are what make us truly exceptional. So we invite you to live a little … and indulge yourself. You deserve it.