Unapologetic Passion

Bad Bunny Billiards is rooted in the notion that passion is a good thing. It energizes the spirit, fuels our ambitions, and drives us to our dreams. We believe that a passion for living is often accompanied by a passion for some of the finer things in life. That’s precisely why Bad Bunny Billiards was founded — to convey some of those finer things from our workshops to your home.

We also believe in the value of craftsmanship, the virtues of design, and the gratification that accompanies taking pride in what we do. Truth be told, we probably work a little harder than we play, so it’s a good thing that we’re so passionate about our work! So while you’re entertaining family and friends in your beautifully appointed billiard room, we’re inclined to think you’ll agree.

A Lifelong Vision

A lifelong aficionado of “all things billiards,” founder Tim Seaberg is the visionary and architect behind the Bad Bunny Billiards and Chateau Lounge & Leisure Games brands. Tim set his passion into motion in the early 90’s, when he built his first billiard manufacturing and service company from the ground up. After years of hard work and immersion in the industry, Tim now primarily focuses on advancing the designs and development of the Chateau Collections. Each collection was meticulously designed by Tim, drawing from his vast experience and deep roots in the industry. To this day, Tim agonizes over every single detail, material, saw cut, fastener, and every other nuance involved in the production of his collections. The end result? Creating some of the most iconic billiard lounge products on the market today.

Meet Our Bunny

“Bad Bunny” is the face of Bad Bunny Billiards. Bad Bunny represents our extroverted and provocative side… and she loves spreading the good “bad” fun! Bad Bunny’s mantra is “get a room,” meaning, of course, a billiard room. (What were YOU thinking??) She believes it would be a shame for your billiard lounge to sit there, sad and lonely with just a pool table in it. On the contrary, Bad Bunny believes you deserve the full-Monty, the whole shebang — a beautifully appointed, completely transformative, grown-ass billiard lounge!

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